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All Cancellations must be done by telephone 212-967-6124 when you can speak to a MUSIC MAKERS NY employee. We are unable to accept cancellations by voicemail, email or text. In some instances Music Lessons can be cancelled via text or email with your teacher if arrangements have been made in advance to do so. See our Lesson Cancellation Policy for details.


So that we may accommodate everyone, we can not make exceptions to our policies.

  • When canceling a booking you will be given a cancellation number. Please write down your cancellation number and the name of the staff member you spoke with.
  • In case of a discrepancy, each customer must provide the date the cancellation was made, the cancellation number and the name of the staff person they spoke with for verification purposes.
  • All phone calls are recorded for booking verification purposes..
  • Rescheduling is the same as canceling and all Cancellation Fees Apply.
  • We Are Not Responsible for weather conditions, transit issues, personal emergencies, the rest of the band not showing up, etc. Please note: during winter weather such as snow, all cancellation policies are in effect (as our staff is always here for you).


  • 48 Hours Notice: NO CHARGE
  • Less than 48 hours: Full amount due 

LONG-TERM BOOKINGS (Bookings made more than one month in advance)

  • 4 Days Notice (96 Hours): NO CHARGE
  • Less than 4 Days Notice:  Full amount due 

Cancel your lesson with more than 48 hours notice for a full credit.  With less than 48 hours notice you will be charged and the teacher will be paid for the reserved time. Calling is the best method of canceling a lesson!  In some instances arrangements can be made with the teacher to cancel a lesson via text or email, but until you have received a reply from your teacher confirming the cancellation, the lesson would not be considered cancelled.


  • Participants are required to attend all rehearsals for the designated time. If conflicts arise, arrangements need to be made at least 48 hours in advance with Music Makers NY.   When Music Makers NY must find a replacement player for a missed rehearsal (particularly bass or drums) fees incurred by Music Makers ($25.00 to $50.00) will be charged to the participant's credit card.
  • Once credit card information is provided to Music Makers NY your slot is guaranteed and all fees are non-refundable unless a replacement can be found. Music Makers will advertise to find a replacement for the vacated slot.  If a replacement can be found, a pro-rated Music Makers credit will be issued minus a $50.00 administrative fee.
  • Instrumentalists are guaranteed a slot for their particular instrument, not lead vocals as well.
  • Performance Workshops: All participants receive two FREE tickets to the Performance show.  We encourage everyone to take an active role in promoting the performance.  A large audience enables our organization to book shows at premier NY venues on a Friday evening.
  • Signing on for the program (securing your slot & providing credit card information to Music Makers NY) means you agree to all of the above terms & conditions  
CALL (212) 967-6124 or EMAIL: musicmakersnewyork@gmail.com with any questions about our Policies, Rehearsal Bookings, Workshops, Music Lessons, Jam Sessions or any of the other programs offered at MUSIC MAKERS NY.