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Six Week Course  -  Limited to 6 participants 

  • Song form: Verse/Chorus; Verse/Refrain; AABA, and others. 
  • Basic music theory (Common chord progressions and how to find new ones.)
  • Crafting an exciting and new hook/title for your song.
  • Writing fresh and original lyrics that grab your listener.
  • Finding a groove: How to create a rhythmic sound that will make your music stand out.
  • Basic copyrighting, song licensing and an introduction to the business side of music
  • Principles of Performance, including, comfort, confidence, and being yourself on stage
  • Applications of a Rhyming Dictionary/Thesaurus
  • How to develop and add depth to your songs
  • Constructing solos/instrumental breaks, bridges, intros, and outros/CODAs
  • How to collaborate and provide feedback for peers in a constructive and supportive way
REGISTRATION FOR FALL 2016 CLASSES COMING SOON  - Call 212-239-7054 or email musicmakersnewyork@gmail.com

Cost:  $350.00  or 2 payments of $175.00

Limited to 6 Participants 

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