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Bass Lessons

Call 212-967-6124 or Email musicmakersnewyork@gmail.com

private bass lessonsAlready taken lessons? Take your skills to the next level in a band setting that performs live on stage. Check out The Band Experience page. 

The Bass Guitar is an integral part of a rhythm section, and it plays a very important part in any group playing situation. Learn everything you need to know to play the Bass Guitar in any musical environment.
  • Learn the notes and names of the Fret Board.
  • Learn about Rhythm: time signature, note durations, & syncopation
  • Learn how to read the Bass Clef and Bass TAB
  • Learn about Melody and Harmony and chord progressions and the part that the bass guitar plays in all styles of music.
  • Learn proper technique in different styles such as: slapping, tapping, playing with your fingers and/or with a pick.
  • Learn about walking bass lines and improvisation.
  • Learn how to create awesome and appropriate bass lines for any musical situation

  • Lessons are one hour and can be purchased individually for $97.00
  • First-time students receive a 20% discount off the first lesson.
  • Lessons can also be purchased in blocks at the following discounted rate:

4 lessons – $368  
6 lessons – $552  
8 lessons – $735

  • A one-lesson deposit of $97 is required in advance of the first lesson. This deposit is kept on file for the duration of your studies and is refundable, or can be applied to pay for your last lesson, should you discontinue. A block of lessons expires 1 year from the date of purchase.
Cancellation Policies:
Our teachers have reserved the time for you. In the case of studio lessons, we have reserved a room for you, and in the case of home lessons, the teacher is scheduling their day to accommodate you, therefore 48 hours cancellation notice is most appreciated. With 48 hours notice, we don't have to charge you because there is sufficient time to rebook the room and for a teacher to adjust their schedules.

Call 212-967-6124 or Email musicmakersnewyork@gmail.com