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4/26, 5/3 (6:30pm - 8:30pm), *TBD
5/10 (6:30pm - 9:30pm)

Bob Elliott’s Music Makers is bringing back one of our favorite workshops in recent memory, after its wildly successful debut last year! WNYC Radio’s “All Of It With Alison Stewart” is bringing back their contest to see who can most creatively interpret a song from the public domain. This year’s twist is “The 1920’s," with a special focus on works of music, literature, and film from that decade.

Our workshop will once again begin with the ensemble selecting a song. The band will then come up with a different arrangement/interpretation for the given song selection, rehearse the song, and then record the song here at our studio. This will all be in order to submit the song as an entry into the contest by May 12th. And then WHO KNOWS what may happen?

This workshop should be viewed as more of an exercise in song interpretation, creativity, and collaboration with bandmates, culminating in an engaging step forward on your musical development journey. The Musical Director will take ideas and suggestions from participants and guide the group through the ultimate creative direction, interpretation, and arrangement, based on the specific instrumentation and ability level of the participants.

This workshop will be (4) sessions, with the first session used to establish a direction. The second will be centered around experimentation with different options within that direction. The third will be a firm rehearsal to lock in creative decisions, and the final date will be a recording session of the song.

We’re open to all instruments and vocals! All participants will receive a copy of the finished recording.

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